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July 12, 2017

Our first adventure while staying in Saskatchewan's Moose Mountain Provincial Park was hiking the Beaver Lake Trail.  The reason we chose to feature this trail is that the Beaver Lake Trail is very pedestrian.  It is a wide and well maintained trail that you simply can't get lost on, which is perfect for introducing the fun of hiking to our nearly three year old daughter and our thirteen week old puppy Echo.  

The Tourism Saskatchewan trail map for Moose Mountain Provincial Park lists the Beaver Lake Trail at 4.5km, however my Garmin recorded the hike from the starting gates at 4km.  The terrain is made up of rolling hills accompanied by some great scenery.  Evidence of beaver is everywhere, deer prints can be spotted wherever the ground is wet and the large variety of birds is quite something.  The Beaver Lake Trail includes interpretive signs along the way that turn the hike into an exciting learning opportunity.  

For this short introductory hik...

July 11, 2017

Once again Saskatchewan's Moose Mountain Provincial Park has proven to me that it has it all.  This was a trip of firsts as Cambri and V have not been to Moose Mountain Provincial Park before.  The larger 'first' for our family was going camping with our brand new puppy named Echo.  She's only 13 weeks old and we don't have any experience with dogs in travel trailers.

We checked into our reservation in the Fish Creek campground at about 5:30pm and were greeted with a hive of activity.  We had never seen a campground so busy before, a complete sell out even in the overflow area.  We were pleased with how the Park's guests behaved, we would consider our stay to be enjoyable and uneventful especially in the evenings when you want it to be quiet.  

Our campsite was easy to back our travel trailer into and was clean.  Very nicely treed and we were even able to find some trees far enough apart to hang our double hammock from.  

The park features a large trail n...

June 7, 2017

I’ve had this ride idea burning in my mind for a few years now.  Something I haven’t heard of anyone doing before and it sounded like a good idea to me.  The goal was to cycle around the circumference of Regina on gravel roads.

The inspiration for this ride came about two years ago when my friend Jason did a ride where he circled the interior of Regina using as much of the cities bike paths as possible.  I was pretty impressed by the map of his ride that popped up on my STRAVA feed and that is when I decided I had to do the same, but ride the exterior of the city.

To plan the route for the ride I turned to the software that I always leverage to plan all of the courses I use for my events, Google Earth.  I mapped out a route that circled Regina with as little paved roads as possible.  The distance added up to 80km.  Eighty kilometers!  I wasn’t expecting it to be quite that far to ride around our relatively small city.  This distance doesn’t worry me as far as the ride is concerned,...

May 4, 2017

A few months ago my friend Terry and I joined a club organized by Canada’s Explore Magazine called the “Live the Adventure Club.”  It is a subscription based club that supplies the members with an “adventure box” every quarter.  The adventure box includes outdoor gear (surprise items!) and challenges to complete with the items.  Our mission today was to complete these challenges while making our way to an abandoned homestead in the valley.  With the permission of private land owners we set out on our adventure.

The trail started out wide and easy to traverse cutting straight through an old aspen grove that looked like it would be quite creepy under a full moon.  Truly though, it was beautiful to walk through and smelled of springtime.

Soon the trail narrowed and we arrived at the first of five water crossings we had to traverse.  This one took the longest to navigate as it was a thirty foot wide mud bog that required us to carefully pick and choose which patch of grass to...

March 30, 2017

The beautiful spring weather brought out Paul's inner adventurer and he excitedly convinced Vaeanna and I to join him on a hike at Hidden Valley. This ended up being an adventure of many firsts. The first time this year we got to go on a hike, the first time we took V on an adventure as a fully potty trained girl, and the first time she got to participate outside of her backpack.

 Hidden Valley - Saskatchewan

I will never forget the excitement when we got to "the top of the mountain" (as V called it) and we gave her the opportunity to hike! She practically jumped out of her backpack and lead the way. I must admit I was nervous because I wanted her to hold on to my hand but she was excited to be an explorer just like her dad.  She was a real trooper and was undaunted by the terrain, climbed a little, fell down, got back up and even got to pee in nature.  Her and Paul found deer poop, coyote tracks, cactus, lichen covered boulders and crocuses sprouting out of the ground. 


March 9, 2017

Winter for me has always been the season to get through. Before I met Paul, I seldom ventured outside to enjoy the snow and throughout our relationship I have grown to be tolerant of winter activities like cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.  I never could have imagined I would go on a winter holiday that involved embracing the snow and colder weather. I am adventurer at heart; however since being a mother, I am more cautious and worrisome when planning a trip: what will V have to do while we are there? How will she sleep? What do I need to pack? Etc.

We decided on a winter holiday to Riding Mountain National Park where we stayed at the Elk Horn resort.  The resort proved to be a perfect place for our family to stay. Paul could have his cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, V could go tobogganing and play at the water park and I could go on a Dog Sled which has always been a dream of mine. When we booked the trip we never could have imagined the warm temperatures that we experienced d...

February 17, 2017

I live in Saskatchewan and I love winter.  A statement that is shocking to many folks.  However it is very easy to love winter when you embrace it.  I do that through winter sports like cross country skiing, snowshoeing and now biathlon!

The idea for trying the sport of biathlon came to me while I was organizing learn to ski classes for the Regina Multisport Club.  I remembered that a new biathlon club had opened up in Lumsden, Sk called the Qu'Appelle Valley Nordic Ski Club (QVN) so I thought I should investigate them.  This prompted me to call up my friend Trevor at Fresh Air Experience in Regina and get some contact information for the club.  I made some phone calls and within a few days I had created a "Try Biathlon" event and had registration open.

People have asked me, "What made you setup this event especially when you have no experience in the sport of biathlon yourself?"  The reason why I setup the event was specifically so I could try the sport.  I...

January 25, 2017

Living in Saskatchewan means we experience many months of winter and some people deal with that by (wastefully) hiding out indoors for the entire season.  When it comes to winter in Saskatchewan we certainly take pride in the fact that we embrace winter and don't let it slow us down.

Just over two years ago Cambri and I had our daughter.  Having an active lifestyle we immediately began looking for a child carrier that could keep up with us.  After talking to some friends and a little internet-ing we decided on the Thule Chariot Cougar 1.

During the summer we put our Chariot through it's paces, but we had yet to utilize it much in the winter.  Cambri and I had heard about the cross country skiing kit and looked it up anticipating to suffer from some sticker shock.  Buying into the Chariot family does have a downside, cost,  and the cross country ski kit didn't stray from that theme retailing for $349.95.  We decided to use social media to help us find a used kit and found success wi...

December 31, 2016

Social media is an interesting and useful thing but it can also be an emotional thing.  My Facebook account has been toying with my emotions for weeks by showing me images of past skiing and snow shoeing adventures, leaving me tormented.

The reason for my feelings of torment is that Regina has not received enough snow to make winter sports possible.  The lack of snow has initiated my quest for snow and good fortune had just struck.  southeast Saskatchewan had just been struck with a winter snow storm.  

Why was this snow storm in southeast Saskatchewan exciting?  Because this area of Saskatchewan is where you will find Moose Mountain Provincial Park.  Home of some interesting landscape where hills shoot up from the flat prairies and aspen forest are dense.  It's home to some to some big game as well.  I've personally spotted black bear, elk, beaver and deer in the park.  It's also a birders paradise.  But most important to this adventure would be t...

December 12, 2016

The journey to Santa…take two.

Let us begin the story with a photo of our daughter at one year old.

Her one year old photo with Santa was a smash hit on social media.  However, as a Christmas season lover I was hoping for the smiling daughter with Santa result.

Thus began my yearlong mission to have Vaeanna love Santa “as much as mommy does.” We hung the very photo you see above on the fridge and for the past year it has been something Vaeanna was proud of.  The photo has been beaten and battered by her little hands, torn from the fridge and played with as a toy, and proudly shared with visitors to our home more times than I can count. Vaeanna simply loves this photo.

It is now December, almost a year after the first Santa photo was taken.  We have spent a lot of time this past month talking to Vaeanna about how this year she is such a big girl.  She now has a ‘big girl bed’ and sits with us at meal times on her ‘big girl chair.’  So this year she should use all of her big girl powers to s...

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