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March 30, 2017

The beautiful spring weather brought out Paul's inner adventurer and he excitedly convinced Vaeanna and I to join him on a hike at Hidden Valley. This ended up being an adventure of many firsts. The first time this year we got to go on a hike, the first time we took V on an adventure as a fully potty trained girl, and the first time she got to participate outside of her backpack.


 Hidden Valley - Saskatchewan


I will never forget the excitement when we got to "the top of the mountain" (as V called it) and we gave her the opportunity to hike! She practically jumped out of her backpack and lead the way. I must admit I was nervous because I wanted her to hold on to my hand but she was excited to be an explorer just like her dad.  She was a real trooper and was undaunted by the terrain, climbed a little, fell down, got back up and even got to pee in nature.  Her and Paul found deer poop, coyote tracks, cactus, lichen covered boulders and crocuses sprouting out of the ground. 


Spring has sprung and all I can say is we loved every second of this little hike and can't wait to get out again. 


Backpacking V over the steepest section


 The crocus are sprouting


Climbing the valley


 The summit


 View from the top


 V is proud to be hiking under her own power


 Starting the descent


 Checking out a lichen covered boulder on the way down


 Things are getting steep


 With some of the trails underwater, V finished the hike in the backpack


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